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Cookie Policy


"Cookies" and similar technologies enable a website to work, or work more efficiently, as well as provide information and additional services. This page explains the use of cookies and similar tools set by the Advances in Optics and Computer Vision website at By using the website you agree that we may store cookies in your browser.
If you don't consent to this, but still wish to use the website, you may deactivate cookies from in your browser settings. Disabling cookies, you will still be able to access all the published articles, but you won't be able to perform tasks that requires you to log in to the system.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your computer. The use of cookies is a standard technology and is used by the majority of websites. Most web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, are set to automatically accept cookies. But you may choose to change these settings in your browser. If your browser has disabled cookies, some websites might not function optimally.

You can prevent your browser from accepting certain cookies, have the browser require your consent before a new cookie is placed in your browser, or block cookies altogether by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser's privacy preferences menu.  To avoid receiving cookies on the browser of your mobile device, you will need to refer to its user manual.  For information on how to opt-out of cookies set by our suppliers, please visit the applicable links listed in the tables above.


Requirement of consent and information

The Revised Electronic Communications Act (ekomloven) - section 2-7b - requires that we inform you of our use of cookies:

  • which cookies that are set
  • what information that is processed
  • what the purpose is
  • who that is processing the information

As long as these information requirements are met, the settings in your browser are sufficient as a consent to's use of cookies.


What kind of cookies does use?

The journals hosted by run on the Open Journal Systems platform as known as OJS. The OJS platform sets a cookie called OJSSID:

Cookie set by the OJS-platform

Cookie name

Standard expiration time




End of browser session or 30 days

Contains a machine-generated session-id for the OJS-platform that will keep track of your browsing session and log-in to the OJS-webpage. This cookie is normally deleted at the end of the browsing session.
If you check "remember me" when you log in, you may quit your browser and open it at a later time, and you will still be logged in. In that case this cookie will expire after 30 days since your last visit or until you log out and close your browser.
This cookie is necessary in order to log in to the OJS platform.
You will still be able to access all articles on the OJS platform with cookies disabled, but you will not be able to perform any tasks that requires the user to be logged in.